Life Lessons

Created by c litzinger on 27/02/2013
Some years ago, June and I were on our way to Robyn’s dance recital. June told a story about two drivers that were both leaving for the same destination. The first driver was impatient and trying very hard to beat the traffic lights and going over the speed limit to arrive on time. The other driver was patient and followed the rules. When the second car arrived at the destination it was only 7 minutes later than the first. I remember her asking what difference does 7 minutes really make. On the way home from the recital, while reflecting on our conversation, I suddenly realized that she was trying to make a point that I was driving like the first driver in the story she shared. This was her clever way of letting me know to drive cautiously and to realize that arriving 7 minutes later really does not make a difference. Her ever so tactful and wise approach in critiquing my driving skills provided me with two life lessons that remain with me: to be a safe driver and to be creative in addressing issues with a positive lasting effect.